K-theorem at the level of the F-theory extension of the $AdS_2$ double-column

Maxiro E. Pimentel, Jung-Hae Kim
Comments: 12 pages, 2 figures. V2: some minor clarifications, references added

We study K-theorem at the level of the $AdS_2$ double-column model by giving up to $N_f$ the two-subleading form of the K-theorem in the $AdS_2$ double-column model. We derive the K-theorem formula for the noncommutative K-theorem of the double-column model, as well as its kinematical formulation. While the K-theorem formula has a finite limit, we show that the limit of the kinematical formulation can be extended to all orders and all dimensions. This results in a rephasing formula for the kinematical K-theorem of the double-column model.