Submissions from Marco M. S. Varela

[1]  faKiv:2002.07532 [pdf]
Quantum gravity-induced temperature dependence and the quantum thermodynamics

In this paper, we study the thermodynamic properties of a particle in quantum gravity. Using the assumption that the temperature-gradient relation is the same as the thermodynamic one of the thermodynamics, we study the thermodynamics of the particle in quantum gravity. In order to do so, we calculate the quantum thermodynamics of the particle. We find that the quantum thermodynamics becomes stronger when the temperature-gradient relation is the same as the thermodynamics.

[2]  faKiv:2002.08470 [pdf]
On the Process of the AdS/CFT Transition
Comments: 17 pages, 3 figures; v2: minor changes, reference updated

We study the formation of the AdS/CFT transition in the presence of the scalar field in the vicinity of a packed CFT. We investigate the classical solution of the Einstein-Hilbert equation for a scalar field in the vicinity of a CFT, and show that the solution is compatible with a truncation of the effective action in the local gravity. The corresponding field equations have a constant curvature and a spin-orbit coupling which show that the local curvature and spin-orbit coupling measurements are equivalent. A critical mass, corresponding to the first state of the scalar field, is found.